In Doolin, Saint Patrick’s Day brings a vibrant celebration alive with traditional music echoing through its cosy pubs, and a local parade that meanders through the village. Locals and visitors alike revel in the spirit of the public holiday, clad in shades of green, as they gather to enjoy the parade and live music sessions, as they raise a toast to the patron saint of Ireland. Against the backdrop of rugged cliffs and crashing waves, Doolin’s Saint Patrick’s Day festivities create unforgettable memories steeped in Irish charm. Find out what’s happening this year, below.

Traditional Music in Doolin

What’s happening in Doolin?

Dinner, Cocktails & Parade Watching from Anthony’s Terrace


The Parade at 2pm

Pub Sessions

Where: O’Connor’s, McGanns, McDermott’s & Fitzs
Times: Visit their social pages for times and info or find out more here

B&B from €170 per room

Enjoy Bed & Breakfast in the heart of the village at Doolin Inn. Enjoy live music, great food and even better company. 

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Day trip to Aran Islands, Shipwreck

Local Activities

For a quaint little village nestled on the Wild Atlantic Way, there is an endless list of things to do and see. Enjoy great food, scenic cliff walks and fun local activities in the great outdoors. Explore caves, castles, cliffs and islands. 

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